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the cup of bliss to poor wearied and heavy

laden sinners as I am. Oh! Lord for Jesus'

sake let me sip relieve this burdened mind. 

Speak the word and thy servant can be clean

I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house

of my God than to dwell in the tents of 

wickedness. If I can only get inside of the 

heavenly walls I ask for no more. I want noth

ing  this world can give "There is nothing

true but Heaven that heaven is my desire.

The girls have all left me for a walk Mr. Charles

too has gone. I a poor worm of the dust, am 

prevented from any such recreation. I do not 

want to murmur God forbid I ever should 

complain. Yet it seems as if all have forsaken 

and left. I am as a dead man out of mind 

I care not for the body so the soul lives

freely; how freely will I give up all for Jesus. 

If I can secure a seat in his presence, all 

may prove faithless; all may forget me. 

Jesus is still and will always be my friend

Leave me all not excepting him who prom 

ised in sickness in sorrow forsaking all