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all others; will cleave unto me And sooner 

would the Sun in all his meridian splendor

obey my commands than a forfeit of his

word. I shall have been married twelve

months the 22d of this month not one 

frown, one hasty reply nor anger in it. 

mildest and most unoffending [garb?]

has he ever shown towards me when self 

in all of its partial views has told me 

I deserved rebuke. All others have been tart. 

he has been the same affectionate father

indulgent and devoted husband Love has

ever been on the increase and never

fadeth with the quick passage of time

I never fear a change to me 

will ever be. Let others do what they may

My Charles will ever prove the Good husband

I always feel lonely without him though 

other crowds around me Yet all is gloom 

of Charlie be not there. This is Saturday ere

How  grateful we all should feel to the 

good being for his kind protection through 

the past week and yet how few remember