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the kind hand which has ever proffered 

innumerable  blessings the long suffering

and forbearance shown and given unto us

Alas! poor ungrateful rebellious wretches.

How unworthy of the Good God who hath

made and preserved us until this minute.

through the perilous journey which we 

know not the end thereof how soon we may 

find it. Lord prepare me make me watchful

make me zealous Let me be instant in prayer

fervent in supplication, keep me in the

right and narrow way. Let me from thy 

commandments stray no more. 

Jan. February [4th?] Williamsburg

Through the mercy of Providence we are again 

brought the close of another day which has been very 

cold and I fear many have trembled and sorrowed

this day for the lack of comfort and nourishment.

But our heavenly father which clothes the grass which 

today is and tomorrow is cast into the  [?]  will

also protect and defend his creatures although undeserv

ing and ungrateful we all have ever been.

Yet the hairs of our head are all numbered.