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I must now prepare to retire as I feel a little 

drowsy and I always like to read my bible

with all my insight roused and capable

of treasuring its sweet precepts Lord let me love

my Bible more. Take fresh delight by day to read

its pages over and meditate  by night. 

February 5th Williamsburg 1850

The weather still continues cold no moderation what

ever the ground is all frozen fine prospect for filling

Ice houses. I hope all may be sucessful in pro-

curing that luxury for it is really a luxury in 

summer when the tongue is parched with the 

scorching fever. I could never refuse the last 

particle to the poor invalid. Mr. Charles has

just returned from the Ten pin alley. I have 

never known him to remain so late before

past eight o'clock. I really became so anxious

for his return. I could not refrain from tears. 

My sister was much disappointed at not 

being able to attend a party in town

which she has been anticipating all day. 

But unfortunately she had no escort. 

She had some teeth plugged today and is