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now suffering with the tooth ache. I hope 

however it may not be of long continuance 

for it is really a distressing pain, sensation

Cousin Sarah will spend the night with 

Cousin Louisa Wright she was anxious to return

Duty called her thence. I hope she may 

spend her time pleasantly and return in 

high spirits. Lord have mercy upon us, take

from us our evil dispositions Give us right

spirits and renew right minds within us. 

Miss Alice Tyler arrived today. I hope Mr. Den

nison will enjoy her society and look 

like himself again. I must cease my

scribbling, it is time for all honest persons

to be in bed. 

Feb. 7th 1850 Williamsburg

How grateful we should all feel for the pleasant 

and enlivening day which kind Providence has

extended to us. Unfortunately, how many have

murmured and shown symptoms of dis

content. Oh if it were not for long suffered

and forbearing Providence what should