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have been our reward. I do feel so [?]

so condemned for my past life of folly and 

carelessness. I feel my dependence. I can do nothing 

of myself if Jesus does not assist me how rebellious

with what repulse has the Holy Spirit met with 

I can only say for pardon Lord have mercy upon

me. I am a vile hypocrite and am too sin

ful to take the hallowed name upon my lips. 

I feel there is hope we can only obtain mercy

through the intercession of our heavenly med

iator and perpetual intercession If Jesus be

for me I care not who may be against me. 

what shall it profit a man if he gain

the whole world and lose his own soul

I do not want to gain anything the world

can give. Lord have mercy upon me. 

Take from me my vile heart subdue all hasty

tempers Let no [uncorrupts?] communication

proceed out of my mouth. I have

been honoring him with my lips

while my heart  [runs?] far from him

If the good Lord had not have been patient