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with my hell deserving soul 

now been renting its fruitless cries when 

mercy could never have reached me. But

the good Lord has spared me to cry for

mercy once more. I have the Bible for 

my constant companion. And I know 

I do not make it my study and delight

I often read it my thoughts are in the 

near perishing word. I rise in the 

morning with hasty thoughtlessness. 

my first thoughts are on the world. 

Instead of overflowing with gratitude 

to the good being who has preserved me 

I am unkind to my fellow mortals

indulging self and caring not for the

happiness of others. Oh! My God have mercy

upon me a miserable and vile sinner.

I am impatient full of strife to all.

Great God give me thy meek and

lovely mind and stamp thine image

on my heart. I have today completed

my calico dress having been some days

employed on its making the fit of