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which was not all pleasing at first trial

however after a slight acquaintance

I like it very well. I walked to see Cous

in Louisa Wright this evening having

had an ague today and being very atten

tive to me, when indisposed I endeavoured

to repay her kindness without success

I fear I found on my arrival miss

ing for a walk. I was agreeably surprised.

I fear her walk will not prove beneficial .

As the air was damp, I am apprehensive

she will have a return. Sister has just returned

from a visit to Mr. Morrison having been

in search of me but called in by the [way?]

There is to be a large party in town at Mr.

Jack Coke none of our folks are invited it does

not matter. We care for nobody and nobody

cares for us. We are happy when all are well.

All is well that seem well with us. Mattie

Field has been suffering with a violent

toothache. I hope she may find some

relief from the various applications.

which she made surely there is virtue in some?