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Williamsburg March 31st 1850

Through the mercies of Providence am I permitted 

once more to record quite an important era in

my life at least one which occasioned more

suffering and I feel well assured 

my murmurings and repining  deserving 

an increase rather than an alleviation. 

But the Good Lord is long suffering 

and forbearing towards us poor [?]

immortals, prone to sin and wickedness. 

The all wise Being has thought us fit (since my

last statement) to entrust me with a dear

little Boy another and truly responsible office

Lord enable me to fill it profitably and 

commit the valuable talent to thee the great

Law giver improved and Lo, grant it may 

have gained other five talents: when those 

shalt take that which thou hast lent me. 

I have been confined to my room seven

weeks next Wednesday fouir weeks including my

confinement three additional one through the 

pains of a rising breast the suffering 

occasioned by which have always since my