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earliest recollection have been looked upon

as a something of the most torturing material

But thank God mine were alleviated through 

a kind and prayer hearing. Creator I cannot 

be sufficiently thankful. Would to God I could 

feel as I should feel humbled in dust and

ashes before him who art the Author of all

mercies. I was very anxious to attend church 

to day to hear the valedictory of our beloved

Pastor Mr. Dennison who will leave us on some 

day the coming week for a call in 

Brooklin [Brooklyn] the  former minister there being 

too infirmed to fill his mission faithfully.

How aches my heart! When I think of parting 

with our zealous and God like minister

he was truly a blessing how successful 

his endeavours for the salvation of souis

how many have been converted to God through 

his behalf. I fear there will be many stumbling

blocks when our prayerful and faithful 

director shall be taken from us. Lord give us

praying hearts and right spirit. Let us spurn 

the Devil and desire the company of the wicked