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I hope with prudence I shall be able to leave

my room in a few days as I am now in anticip

tion of a visit to Gloucester. the Physician deems

a change of air of scene beneficial. However

I have been very much benefitted already

through the means of some bitters.  [quar?]

though unpleasant to the taste yet a perfect

restorative to the stomach for I can speak from 

experience which is surely the best teacher. I am 

truly distressed in mind this day; the idea of 

parting with my dear Sister bears heavily upon 

me as she has now been with me some two or three

months separation will produce a severe pang. 

I know not how shall I give her up did not the

remembrance of hope visiting her shortly bear 

and support my drooping spirit in its deep

distress. The Lord give me godliness and contentment 

therewith. I shall feel lonely without her my own 

dear sister who has been such a constant attendance

at my sick bedside been such a constant watcher

and calm nurse at my Baby's Crib always [anxious?]

for his lot ever listening for his voice and the

last looker on in the deep still hour of [?]