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night How shall I give thee upon the 

morrow. Heaven alone best knows.

April 3d 1850

We know not what a day may bring forth

What changes have taken place in the possession

of many? how many hearts which before beat high

with the bright prospect which the future offered

man and almost pulseless with the dark cloud

which overcast their future doom nothing now 

hindered again their former industrious habits

Disappointment has sunk their hearts and 

I fear the bright star which so recently illumined

their dark sky, has set to rise no more. 

On Monday the 1st of April occurred one of 

the most melancholy accidents on the annuals

of history. Monday night 6 minutes past

midnight I was roused by a female voice

proclaiming in the most piteous tones the 

destruction which afterwards ensued caused

by that most powerful of all elements fire.

which always alarmed me more than any

other terrifying accident or occurrence

What was the consequence on rising from