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my peaceful bed, to witness the burning

of the store so recently prepared for its spring

reception. Sheldon & Morrison is  the name

of the firm. the  latter having recently

set out in life. What a blow what a sad fortune

The fire continued until two o'clock in the 

night having destroyed in that time 6 houses

five on Main St. and one on back st. Many

which previous to this occurrence had a 

bright anticipation before them now rejoice 

no more. I do sympathize with them. 

And sincerely hope this may be an opening

to a more brilliant sphere. God help them. 

I have through the goodness of God which 

endureth yet daily nearly recovered my former

health and habits. I pray to God to make me

grateful for his numerous mercies and walk

humbly before him serving him.

I completed today a pair of pantaloons for 

my dear husband the first time I have had the 

pleasure of working for him. I really enjoy

the opportunity for I do love him and

anticipate working for him. I had intended