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completing a dress for Johnny but he had

a slight attack of cholic [colic] which prevented my

doing so for I cannot participate in any

employment when he is suffering he has been

relieved and himself and father have both

retired. The nights having shortened consideredly

he is compelled to retire early. to rest his

wearied limbs, for the coming day. 

I feel somewhat fatigued and will conclude

for the present time for a more convenient

season. April 5th 1850 Williamsburg 

Truly this day has been one of gloom with Mary

[Lome?] having been recently deprived by the 

All Wise Providence of a dear Boy. Today was com

mitted to his Mother Earth; and it has been

raining incessantly. However blessed is the corpse

which the rain rains upon. I know he is now the most 

joyous of the Heavenly choir. What a consolation

to the afflicted parents for they mourn not without 

hope although young he gave evidence of a happy

exchange from this to a better sphere; he having desired

to whom his clothes & houses be given, then asked me of his sister

who was standing near if they did not wish they could