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have wings which he soon would have what a volume

contained in so few words. childlike simplicity 

childlike wisdom! He was the son of William and 

Eliza Vest called Lyttleton Vest he was  deemed a

the most interesting of their blessings but he was

always thought by those with whom he associated too

smart and too saint like to be a permanent

resident of this poor wicked world

There is nothing true on Earth below

There is nothing true but heaven

Oh! if I had only, a resting place there in my 

Saviour presence where pleasures banish pain I should

never repine more. I am ungrateful to thee, desire

anything contrary to my merciful master's will

The has ever been long suffering and merciful

whilst his mercies were received without thankful 

and grateful heart. I have ever been undutiful

but I pray to God to make me dutiful and zealous

in his service I do not want to be conformed to the ways

of this world. I want to live for heaven. Where sickness

sorrow, pain or death are felt and feared no more. 

Good Lord have mercy upon me pardon mine iniquity

for it is great, I am vile and rebellious,