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thing can come out of me. Lord thy help and 

comfort still afford. Lord keep us safe this 

night defend us with thy holy arm. Let no

disturbance come nigh us or our dwelling.

I am fearful of another attack for I feel 

very badly this night. We have been very 

frightened this, by the falling of the stove pipe

the wind being very high has blown it down

twice we have become some what accustomed

And now, I hope never to have another stove to 

encounter with, for I have seen sights with

this. I will not complain but ought to be 

thankful that the good being allows me

the means of getting me to warm my room 

Many poor creatures have not a room to stay

and protect them from the wintry blasts. 

Thank God for all his mercies.

Monday 6st April

We have all been in much suspense of sorrow

ing forbodings during the past day; having been

hourly expecting the death of a valuable servant who has 

been excessively ill for some day previous to consulting 

a Physician his indisposition proceeds from