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cold producing both Pleurisy and Pneumonia

thro very fatal diseases separately and slowly so

when combined. I hope and pray to God to have mercy

and not sacrifice and sanctify the affliction to 

the good of his soul and not unto death. We are all 

enjoying out usual health with that no 

April is really paying the day which March borrows

 from her today is very windy and quite cold. I will

not murmur the good Lord knoweth best. 

I was truly sorry I could not bid fare well then 

worthy Pastor when he called. I much fear I shall I

shall never see him again. I was slightly indisposed

and the baby had an attack of Cholic; the two causes

combined would have prevented my enjoying 

any pleasure. He preached his last sermons 

evening. I regretted I could not hear it; but was

afraid to venture at night. We will be truly fortu

nate if we can get Mr. Caldwell who has been called

I pray to God to give us hearts to be thankful for any

one whom he may send us and take their ungratified

hearts from us. Mr. Charles has gone to the farm and 

I have in anticipation his return I completed his 

suits Saturday night, he was much pleased with