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the pft and compensated my labour with an

affectionate kiss. I hope he will not suffer with 

cold today, having returned without his 

overcoat. I have much work. I must conclude 

with beseeching the mercies of God to rest

upon the familyi. 

April 17th 1850

What thankful creatures we should all for the 

interposition of Divine Providence in sending us

so pleasant a day. Yesterday we were all filled with 

murmuring against the snow, rain and hail

which were sent by out good master We all expect good

and not evil from his merciful long suffering 

hands. We are all sinful rebelloius servants and are now 

reaping the fruits of our labour it is truly an alarming 

time I never knew of such weather before, past the middle 

of April the weather still cold. fires very necessary 

But thanks be to God we are yet assured and health 

and strngth the use of our faculties yet extended

to us so undeserving of so many privileges. 

I have been permitted once more to read my Bible 

read this morning the 15:16.17 chap of Kings which

I happy to say were very interesting to me.