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given how urgent has been the entreaties of the

diligent ministries of God, they have without

doubt  cleaned their skirts. Thursday night [?]

Mr. Carter preached from Isaiah 1st chap. 3d verse.

his observations and entreaties to forsake out

wickedness were truly appropriate I hope thro

ugh the grace of God to improve the rest of life

I here consecrate myself afresh to God all 

I can give Here Lord take me. [Tuesday?] evening

his remarks were fouinded on  Revelation 2d chap 4 verse

He begged to return and renew our covenant with 

God as he douibtless though we had left our[ first?]

love & O, these instructions were truly interesting 

and I hope efficacious. Saturday evening 

we had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Rhea preach 

from the following words Ask and ye shall receive

that your joy may be full. Sunday he preached 

from Deut O! that you were wise that you

would consider this your latter end which was 

a very awful but truthful discourse. I pray God

I may be wise and [?] my latter end. 

Sundaay night Mr. Joyner preached from 

Luke Christ came to seek and save that which