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is lost. To day I had the privilege of hearing 

Mr. Carter again merely and exhortation from

St. Peter. To abstain from fleshly lusts. Good 

how numerous have been my privileges for the 

last week if some damned soul could have 

had me of them how they would have rejoiced

in passing from death unto life eternal. 

O! Great and good God let them be sanctified

to the good of my sinsick soul. Let me 

no longer be consumed by worldly devices

and affection. but save me for Jesus sake.

Quciken me in thy let me flee youthful lusts,

which war against the soul. Grant for Jesus

sake I may cease to do evil and learn to do

well and prepare to render a strict account

of all my      upon Earth. O, Lord bles

and keep all thy people. Defend me from

evil. Let my days be spent in thy  service

Sunday June 23 1850

The good master have permitted me one more Sabbath to see. How


and thankful ought we all to be. I hope with God's help, through

the intercession of our Saviour to spend this day profitably 

I would be free from all sin in though now and ever,