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I want to live up to my privileges let go the world.

And live for a better, which perisheth not, but is from

everlasting to everlasting. I know I have strayed from

my master's fold. I know I have done wrong that there

is no good within me. I have professed the power

of godliness without posessing the power therof

I pray to God to create and make me a clear heart. 

for Christ's sake to renew a right spirit within me. 

We have all been blessed with excellent governance

practical preaching for the past week with the 

exception of a few days. Mr. Carter preached Thursday

night from Mark "And he went away sad, for he was

grieved at that saying telling us we must give up 

all. Earth's vain perishable joys and follow Christ.

If we would be found on the right hand of God at the 

day of final account. This was a beautiful morning

but [?]  sky has been darkened with a cloud and the 

rain is now falling. I fear we shall not be able to attend

church today. The Lord will and not mine be done. The good 

Lord enable me to spend  this day safe from evil and sin. 

The means of Grace are numerous to this outward

and wicked generation how  great will be our con-

demnation. Lord let us not be damned Johnny