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has been quite sick for the last three days with 

something of the dysentery the first prescription

was one and a half grain of Calomel every hour and 

a half wihich had a very good effect; a little mint tea

wiht some eight or ten drops of Paregoric the third 

day. I deemed it wise to administer three gr

of Prepared chalk and one gr. of calomel with 

the intervention of six hours I gave him three

doses which has partially relieved him I hope

with a little care for him soon to be relieved 

with occasional draughts of mint tea seasoned

with Paregoric. He is considerably advanced in

his fifth month. The good lord bless and defend

us all from Sin this day. and for Jesus sake give

me a happy deliverance from this Earthly career.

into a bright and endless Eternity. Williamsburg

July 15th 1850

Rose this morning at a very late hour six o'clock

in summer spent in in bed too much precious

time. How filled with regret when old age

cometh when health and strength faileth

I have made a resolution I hope with the grace

of God to accomplish it to rise every morning