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at five o'clock. Let circumstances be what they may

I shall most earnestly endeavour to fill this importan

t habit so necessary to health piety and prosperity

After breakfast perused my Bible the Prophet

Isaiah. Threatening of Ephraim the threatening

to Jerusalem. Threatening to Israel comprise 

the subject contained in this morning

lesson. After reading took Johnny

that his nurse might enjoy her mor

ning repast Belle came in and gave

us a minute description of the late mar

riage of the Rev Th M.  Dennison who has 

been the persevering lover for three years.

But Hope like the rainbow of summer

[?] promised of [?] at [?]  After a few mom

ents of amusing talk Belle left. This day being 

the day assigned for the Nurse washing. I have 

the delightful task of nursing which is truly

laborious. I have not a very literary taste yet som

ing from that source have very little time for indulg

ence. I have been very much interested for the previous 

fortnight in the perusal of [Lawton?]  Parsonage.

be [by?] Mrs. Sevel, I am very partial to her work.