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I am now quite anxious for the learning

of the result of Home influence the title of the 

present book which engages my attention

this the third seventh year of my life as I 

shall be twenty one in November. With the help 

of God I shall try and spend the remainder of my

sojourn on Earth to his glory. Good Master defend

me from Sin in all its various forms this blessed day

Truly thse nineteen states have experienced a 

sad and irreplaceable loss in the death of our late 

President only that his place is to be filled by 

Abolitionists which I fear will result in a 

disunion of this heretofore peaceful Union. 

The Lord bless and protect us Lord show pity upon us

I pray to God to have mercy through we do not deserve 

thy mercy. for Jesus' sake regard us with an 

eye of compassion. 

July 16th. I think and hope I complied with 

my resolution rose at 5 o'clock was dressed sometime 

before, read my Bible, the subject of this morning

lesson. The folly of trusting in Egypt. Blessings

of Christ Kingdom Judgment of 

enemies. Then amused myself until Breakfast