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in the perusal of Home influience which I find

very interesting. I fear a heavy scourge will

soon be felt by our heretofore blessed nation. 

I am with the opinion of many others.

apprehensive of a famine. for the Wheat

crop has proved a failure and the drought

has consumed the corn. And I fear that

it will be a fruitless attempt; The Lord's will 

and not mine be done. God forbid that I should 

murmur at his side and all merciful proceed

ings. I heard of a most fearful accident this dayi. 

There were nine Negro men drowned in Ware river

on Sunday last. O! What a lamentable circumstance

They will not remember to keep holy the 

Sabbath day. Lord for Christ's sake enable us to 

be more watchful and be more diligent to secure

our high calling in Christ Jesus our blessed Saviour 

I know my dear father you have and that too deservedly

condemned my negligence in not replying to 

your late communication. I however feel assured could

my reasons be assigned You would deem my inatten

tion very excusable. although a negligent correspon

[dent?]  be  worse than none. I do not think I can