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justly be termed of that  party.   Therefore I think

this one and truly rare deviation might be overlooked

I have just heard from you heard you were in 

York on yesterday but was truly mortified that

you did not think us sufficient moment to 

inquire concerning us. It would have been 

very convenient to have written a few lines just

stating you all were well I suppose. I received

my just reward  and should not presuime to com

plain. I am truly delighted to hear that you were

well for it has been so long since I was favored with 

intelligence from any of you. I very

much feared sickness have occasioned your 

silence; to say the least of it.  You all have forg

otten that Nanny was in existence except when

her name was mentioned I can very easily 

account of sister's silence having something 

more important to think of I do not see 

any reason for bestowing your whole thoughts

upon the faculty except when you are in need.

of a physician. I suppose she can a tale unfold 

which I have never heard. therefore 

the present consequences. Give my love to her I hear [?]