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although I never hear from her which is rather

to be regretted. However as her time is so entirely and

so much more pleasantly employed than 

could be in writing to me. I even wait for a better

time. I earnestly hope better times are coming. 

As the wise men of the present day have come 

the sad and awful conclusion that a severe

scourge will befall this nation this eventful

year. A famine is of sure occurrence. and

the wheat crop has failed and a drought 

will consume the Corn. And we are to be 

governed by an Abolitionist. I think we are 

in a truly lamentable state. The Lord help

us. I earnestly pray. Aunt Hetty has almost

recovered if she will exercise the slightest prudence 

she would keep well but she likes soft and hard 

Crabs with a dish of fired onions occasionally

with a few Cucumbers for Breakfast the whole 

very light and scanty diet of a dyspeptic. I a,

truly sorry to hear of that serious and sad affair

which occurred on Sunday last the drowning  of 

nine men in Ware river it is truly a merciful 

Providence that such events should be so rare