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the careless and sinful manner in which the 

blessed sabbath is observed. I am sorry to day

John Morrison and Mr. Sheldon have dissolved

partnership. I fear it will result in the sure

downfall of the former having nothing to occupy

his time and sadness being the root of all evil

he will devote his time to gambling and drinking 

which will soon terminate his life and consequently 

render his mother and sister miserable for life and

shorten their lives by many years for he being their 

only support. I know not what and how they will 

be able to get along. The Lord help them in their

deep distress. I was up to see them on last evening 

Mrs. Morrison told me every thing relating 

to the sad affair. it was not from any misconduct

of Mr. Morrison but old Sheldon is tired of 

the small house. Miss Emily Morrison wept

twice while Mrs. Morrison was tallking.

I do feel for them and would freely help them

if I could. Mr. Joynes is married at last and I am 

glad of it. Mr. Dennison was married on Thursday

last at 8 oclock A. M. to Miss Alice Tyler started 

for Bristol, New York his place of residence they say