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they were the happiest couple ever seen. He did not

sing. "Hope like the rainbow of summer.

Give a promise of Lethe at last" without

being much comforted for he knew he would be con

queror at last. Uncle Waller has less sense than 

I have ever seen him, and I am happy to say no trouble 

at all. I should not be much astonished if he

never recovered his mind again. Tell mother I 

heard directly from Mr. Garland's family through 

Mr. Leybourne; having himself lately visited

St. Louis in his various travels, but did not see them

they having all left the Presbyterian and

joined the Episcopal Church except Mary and

she has joined the Roman Catholics they were

all well, give my love to her; Kiss the children

for me. Love to sister and my dear brother John.

I do want to see him so much I hope he may 

be at home when I get there; little Johnny is 

well and the sweetest fellow I have ever seen of

course   I think so. You must make allowance

for partiality laying aside all that he is given up 

to be a very handsome fellow; by every body that

is an acknowledged fact. Mr. Charles is well, sends