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articles Beef, 2 adults, 3 dried beef

used 1 round Feb. 26th 


[Poultry ?] 11 Turkeys, 17 Hens, 3 ducks

3 Guinea Hens, have now on hand

18 Eggs one hen laid today added one 

19, having laid during the last two weeks.

5 avg. 3. Have now on hand 17

March 6th 5 Hens laid today.  7th 2 Hens laid 

March 8th 2 Hens laid one gone to setting

on 18 eggs. Have only 4 eggs on hand. 2 Hens laid.

10 2 Hens laid. March 12 1 hen laid.

March 12 Black Hen today on Duck Eggs. I

" " 13. Set another Hen today which is Caroline's

on 15 Hen Eggs; none laid today. 

" " 21 2 hens laid. White Hen set on 15 duck eggs

" 16th of April Dominico Hen

want to setting the 24th of April on

15 duck Eggs. 23d white hen hatched 14 of May.