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April 2d What a beautiful day, we were app

rehensive of rain this morning as it commenced.

Mr. Charles is so backward in his farming operation

I dread or fear inclement weather as arresting his progress

The Lord's will not mine be done. I am getting on slowly

in the Poultry line as I have now ten chickens one

Hen setting on duck eggs will hatch the 10th

of this month one Goose setting, I shall get

along after some sort of experience.

April 28th. I have just returned from

my weekly visit to town. I feel very mel

ancholy, having attended the funeral

and burial of a much loved acquaintance

who died on the 24th of April in child 

bed after torturing and agonizing 

sickness and suffering most intense

all of which she bore with much fortitude

and christian resignation she murmured 

not no[r] repined her lot once and seeing

the distress of her relatives and friends

around her dying bed she entreated 

them not to weep she had a bright hope 

and trusted in her redeemer she became