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from page 3a

16 door, I shall have the Rose bushes placed

in the Garden, there is one under the window

of her chamber of her former place of 

residence which I intended having put under

mine. there are some other shucks which

I shall being in mine; and endeavor to

cultivate them here and attending to the many

requirements. Perseverance conquerors all things.

Shall ever invite and rein my exertions.

I have at last succeeded in getting some dirt and litter

from my Yard which is a source of much pleasure.

for an unclean Yard does really annoy me. it has

the appearance of lazy and idle occupants two

very despicable and odious epithets which 

I shall ever try and avoid. The Lord bless and 

protect me. I do not ever fear I have not spent

this day as I should have done. 

March 21st. What a beautiful day. the Sportsmen

seem to be enjoying themselves some of their

merry party have just passed through 

the Yard. I should [them more?]  more dutiful to

themselves, their wifes [wives] and children were