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they procuring a comfortable supper &

through honest means for which their 

maker created them. We are all enjoying 

tolerable health and are at peace with one

another. Planted some Corn Yesterday for 

roasting Ears. I fear I have been too premature

and will soon be cut down by the blighting

and biting frost. Had a large Ball

at Rosewell on the 19th. I should like to 

hear something about it as I am anxious

to know of the proceedings &c &c.

Vanity of vanity! All! all is vanity! and

 [?] ation of spirit. Time lost can never be

regained. truly an irreparable loss to all

its owners if we could only realize its

great importance, how precious we should

be with spending and careful to improve 

each second as it passes; but weak and 

erring mortals blind and dull of hearing 

rushing headlong down an endless

precipice of [loss?]  and eternal despair 

O! Lord save and defend us from

eternal damnation I pray.