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Self examination

How, have I spent this day

Have I served my Creator? Have all my actions been

governed with holy design that which would most

advance his glory and my souls wellfare? Have I been

a dutiful and patient & obedient wife? Have I been

an affectionate watchful and kind Mother?

Have I been a Godly, self denying and profitable

mistress? Have I been loving my neighbor as myself

Have I studied my blessed Bible as I should

have done. Have I lived up to my privileges,

and Christian profession? What have been

the subject of conversation? of thought

Have I attended to my closet secret prayers?

Have I controled [controlled] my [?] passions

Self love, Pride, Malice, Revenge, Impa


Anger, Avarice, Vanity, Extravagance, [?]

Have I obeyed the Holy commandments

Have I so lived that I do really after surveying

my whole life, I dread the grave as little as my bed?