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Left Cleveland December Wednesday

11th at 625 at 100th St. station.

Lucy took me in her auto. Faith, John

Mary, Lawrence, Warren, Isla, Ina. Harry

Maude, Ralph, Gladys, Mary A. Julia Charity.

Dr. Fanny, Ralph S. All the household.

Fine trip to N. Y. Arriving at 920 June meeting

me. Went to H. Q. went out to Barnard. assigned

to room & classes. Conferences most interesting

11-18 Went to Y. M. C. A. club (Mrs. Stokes home)

beautiful. roomates Miss Press (Kansas) Miss Norris

(Chicago). got equipemnt. Saw "Three Faces East"

"Redemption" (Jack Barrymore) excellent

Reported Pier 56 at 10 A. M./ Jim, [Vi? & children

Mr. & Mrs. Smith saw me off. Room C-15. mates

Miss Gilbert.

Table-mates. Miss Cutter Mars hall (Cleveland) Potts

(N. Y.) Chamberlin (Chicago) Woods (Colorado)

Table No. 26 Room C. 15