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Sailed at noon among warning, bells, whistles

etc. Lovely day. Met the "Battig" returning

S. boys great saluting. Steamer chairs placed.

& rested & walked on deck. Lunch 1 oclock

rested on deck. dinner 7 retired early. Fine

night. most glorious day warm & sun shining.

breakfast. church. on deck all day. tea at 4.

Musica.l talk by Mr. Wilson. Eng. journalist.

on "Internal Relationships" excellent.

Wonderful moon light night.

3rd day out Dec. 23. a wonderful day.

water lovely, clouds glorious.

Cleveland girls. Mrs. Deming. Miss Cutter

Marshall. Pratt. Herrick. Miss McCaskie

Gilchrist sailed on the Princess Julianna.

Dec. 24 - 18

Cold. rainy. foggy morniong. sea rolling.

Out on deck all day. Took up collection of

money - fruit - candy etc. After Dinner did

up packages for stokers. 161 men below.