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Wonderful sight. Talk by Mr. Phillip Wilson
on "Christmas Spirit." Christmas carols at
mid-night through the boat. All hands &
seven passengers leading. Women following
dancing. Then joining hands danced around
the Xmas tree. retiring at 2 a. m.
Most every one happy - !!!
Chistmas Morning 1918
Foggy - raining - sea quieter. Not as many on
board. Greeted at table with Xmas carols
Excellent breakfast. Every one greeting the other
Walked th edeck. Services at 10:30.
Took candy-print-cigarettes-down into
the hole while stokers (163) came up to
see what Santa had brought. Xmas carols
sung. Striking sight most of the men
were very old or boys as young as 15 years.
it was very pitiful sight to know they
never come up day-light. They were so
very appreciated. Came up to an excellent
brunch. Finished packing rest of boxes.