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January 1 1919

Liverpool & London

Rose 7 am. rain. packed. canteen work.

lunch. to train for London. queer little

coaches & engines. took box lunches

special coaches for 102 "Y" girls.

Had a good trip. leaving at 2 P. M..

arriving in London 7 am. pouring rain.

country beautiful & green.

All loaded in half hour in autos & assinged

to Imperial Hotel. old & shabby. room 38D

dinner (poor) food scarce no butter. sugar

Miss Richards of Duluth room-mate.

met her cousin R. M. Davis (was here 6 mo)

walked in rain. streets poorly lighted.

bed - tired.

Jan. 2. 1918

Rose 8 am sun first time in weeks. so said

Londoners. walked. meeting at 11 am. lunch

met Mr. D. started for sight seeing trip.