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January 2. 1919


Beautiful day. visited "Old Curiosity Shop"

"Cheshire Cheese Inn" Dickens meeting

place. old part of L. most interesting.

Miss. Marshall. Cutter. Richards. Mr. D. & I.

visited St. Pauls C. wonderful. the tombs

balcony. tower. splendid view of L. many

pigeons. Mansion House. post office.

Glorious experience. "Ragged Children of L.

annual party given by city & London & Sir

John Kirk knighted for his work among P.

1300 P. Mayor several lordes & ladies. dinner

entertainment. gifts. Lord Mayor's golden

coach. men in red liveries. white wigs.

tea with Sir John & Lady Kirk etc. A wonderful

experience. through steets. bomb struck bldgs.

supper (hole in wall) met Miss McGregor

of Dulujth - (street patrol) work. "Eagle Hut"

splendid vaudeville. talk with men.

German prisoners. bed tired.