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Jan. 7 - 1919

Paris & Versailles

Left V. at seven. interesting meeting. lunch

at Hotel Petrograd (U. S. A.) very home-like,

good meals. had shampoo. saw Mr. H. at

Red Cross Hdq. appointments. dinner in P.

took train for V. on account of rising Siene [Seine]

trains stopped. arrived 11 P. M. at V. rooms

cold as tombs. Saw Dr. Spaulding.

Jan. 8 - 1919

Rose in dark. no lights used flash & rolls &

coffee little shop. another rail-road. took

taxi to Wesleyan. cold raining. received

assignment for Brest. Visited A. M. Library

[met?] Miss [Painty?]. received rain-coat - shoes

hat. Met Mr. Sullivan at S. P. had lunch

with him. had good time. wrote cards to

Ethel & Mrs. H.

Jan. 9 - 1919

Breakfast in bed. Paris - duties river rising

V. for bed. for last time.