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Jan 12 - 19 Sunday


Took taxi visited old part of Paris. old churches

Saint [G ?]    day. all pleasants out. children

priests. soldiers. booths with articles to sell

down center of streets. so proud of our boys.

all salute & speak. all homesick. Louvre closed

Napoleon tomb etc. Seine receding. Miss C. M.

R & myself. called up Mrs. Sharp at Embassy

very cordially received. Mrs. S. son & daughter

& Miss Sharp. Had tea. beautiful rooms. flowers

saw gift from Mrs. Wilson. Pres. Wilson &

Pres King in Paris. took taxi for Dr. Goodrich

home for 6 o'clock tea. very delightful time

Dr. & Mrs. G. daughter & friend. most kind in

every way. Have bad cold. retired very early

beautiful night & day.

MIssed M. S. T. Jan 13 - 19 Faith's letter 1st

Rose early. Shopped. Bought Duffle Bag at

Bon Marche. finsihed business. dinner. [?] for train