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Jan - 13 - 19 Jan 14.

Paris & Brest

Note from M. S. T.

Miss C. coming with me. Miss R & Elder

came to say good-bye also Miss Pratt of P.

Much fussing with baggage. Miss Potts

Gilbert Herrick on train. Col & Capt of U. S. &

Col (French) in our compartment. talked

for long time. then tried to get comfor

table  [?] self slept now & then. Left Paris

at 8 P.M. kind M. P carried baggage.

Cold & raining. arrived (beautiful country)

at 8 30 A. M. quaint town & people.

wooden shoes. white caps on women.

Town full of our boys. Stayed at Contin-

ental. cold. Col.  [McCutchen?] & Lt. Manfred (C)

in compartment Jan 15 - Loads of fuss

Reported for canteen duty at    . served

soda hot chocolate to many men.

Hunted for rooms. Miss G. H. & I took

queer flat for a few days until assigned