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Jan 16 & 17 - 1919


Mr. [Goodright or Goodnight?] of Dallas Texas helped us

much - canteen all day - went to casual

camp and made [?] out doors. wonderful

morn on the bay served 300 men. retired

at 12 AM.   Jan 17

Reported 930 conference. splendid talks

canteen afternoon & evening. 322 or 83rd Div

in camp. saw Prior & Hempsey of C.

Interesting talks wth men all home-sick.

Jan. 18

Beautiful day. streets full of quaint carts

& people or shops. Luncheon at Modern

met Gen Glen & Col. McC. splendid meals.

were reasonable in price. Met wedding &

funeral parties. both very quaint.

Canteen work. visited Navy Hut. Reading

room until 9 P. M warm. 3 year record

broken. Moved to Y. W. C. A. splendid

Marg's letter Miss [Wyhaut?]. Lucy