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Jan 21 - 19


Sailed one month ago. many places. peoples

and impressions received. Miss Watson

is head & arranges our duties. Mrs. [Wat?]

is in charge of Red Δ very efficient & kind.

Enjoyed my work very much there hundreds

come every day for chocolate etc. room is not

half large enough. Enjoyhing the Y. W. C. A.

Met a Mrs. Ramage R. C. from Washington

Mrs. Henry a friend of Maude Thayers. They

met in N. Y.

Jan 22

Helped to open a cafeteria - hard work

received letter from [?] P. so glad to hear

from her. sunshine very welcome. Pauline & I

served chocolate free at Casual Camp

Good time. [V visited?] hospital in old church.

Jan 23.

Started booth at Casual Camp. German