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Jan 25


regiment cited & decorated by Gen Petain

for bravery in Arrogne  Woods [Battle of Argonne Forest]. Sun shone

(unusual) & band played. very impressive

Still looking for a place to live.

Jan 26 Sunday

Sun & rain. enjoyed chocolate & bread in

bed - went hospital - to a church - only stayed

a short time cold & damp went to canteen

made chocolate for 500. Long service. P. H.

singing. talk by Mr. Allen & Potter. served

free chocolate. gathered around . piano & sang

popular songs until 10 P. M. Dead tired but a

successful day.

Jan 27

Sun & rain - P & I walked along the wall as

far as chateau. poured rain. gathered

lanterns. flags. flowers. boys. helped

decorate. hut. looks beautiful. fine time

at dance - band - punch -