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Feb 1 - 19


Sunshine. Pershing inspected camp

everything ready. Made chocolate served

officer. Boys looked fine. Pauline & I

with some officers visited Chateau.

built in time of Caesar. Most interesting

dugeons [dungeons] awful. view from the turrets

of the city & harbor wonderful. beautiful

sun-set. Waved good-bye to 8000 of our boys

sailing for home on the La France. Drunk

with joy. Saw Leviathan - New Mexico

& several battleships. L leaves tomorrow.

Beautiful day - but very tired.

Feb. 2 - 19 Sunday

Breakfast in bed. P. Miss R & I . beautiful

day. wrote went for a walk. dinner at Hotel

Moderne. many well known generals

Pershing still here. took pictures in park

overlooking bay. Went to canteen & served

500 [?] Prior Watson & Gregg came.