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Feb. 12 - 19


Beautiful day. hut. got ready to serve. lunch

at tea-room. went to hospitals to look up

brother of man on New Mexico. failed to find him.

Miss Reeves Mdse [Mademoiselle] [Gelefy?] & I went to visit G. W.

saw it completely. visited Pres. Wilson's suit [suite?]

Fine sailor lads. visited cook had [?]

gave us pie & bread to take home. good [triple underline] !!!

To hut. movies & chocolate. Splendid visits

with the boys. Bed 11 P. M. Mail

Feb. 13 - 19

Cloudy & raining. canteen. hair wash hospital

took four boys from Mass. to Miss Watson. such

fine lads. visited Navy Hut. supper in room

read & write in bed.

Feb. 14

Rain. up early. canteen. went shopping

with some lads. interesting talks. boys all

very confidential now. many secrets told