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Feb. 19


Rainy & cold. went to canteen. played

games. wrote talked. lunch T. R. letters

back to canteen. Then drove to Y's new Chateau

four miles out. my lovely drive. lovely country

quaint homes. Chateau built in 17th century

many weird tales told about a place situated

hight about 60 rooms. well furnished. view

& grounds beautiful. haunted rooms etc.

Place to go & rest week ends. English spy

& German wife gave signals from tower.

Fireplace in every room. meals at moderate

prices. buffet lunch served today. Many

German prisoners being returned. At canteen

in evening. Bed late.

Feb. 20

Beautiful morning. books & magazines for camp

Usual day at camp. took several boys to "Y"

tea at Miss Watson. danced. good time. French

in evening.