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Feb. 21 - 19

Cold. pouring rain & wind. camp. played games &

talked. several boys came to say good-bye. many books

& magazines came. boys delighted. stayed to mess

eat with about 450 men. Mr. Potter's guest. Pauline

Had a good time. movies & chocolate. Splendid day.

Feb. 22. Washington's Birthday

Glorious day. at camp. shelf & painting finished. Looks

well. lunch at tea room. Marie, Pauline & I took

a long walk. through old Brest out of gates pass

forts & up a hill. over looking country, sea,

Many boats. Japanese cruisers. German submarine,

battle-ships & many barge & small boats. all gay

with flags of Allies. a very wonderful sight

Saw peasants washing clothes. in general water

hole. about 60 on hand & knees rubbing on stones

scrubbing with brushes & pounding water out. Very

primitive & far from clean & sanitary but picturesque

supper in our room & dance. bed late