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Feb. 23. Sunday


Rain stayed in my room until noon. went to

lunch. met Miss Bateman of Cin. friend of Mrs.

Works. Was at Miss C. this early fall.

Went to camp met many new boys. several marines

Many of our boys have gone. Met Edwin Turner of C. once

in [Hough Kdg.?] wounded on way home. fine lad.

Leviathan came in bringing many "Y" girls. Movies

talk. Pauline sang. [Chop.?] E. T. told at Chateau-Thierry

paying 5T. for canteen of water. etc. rain.

Feb. 24

Rain & wind. canteen usual day. lunch at

Moderne. P & I went to Leviathan in Admiral's

launch. climbed up side of the boat. tiny

ladder. met officers. very gallant. 13 decks. ball-

room made in hospital. kitchens wonderful

had cake & mince pie to take home.

Watched 27th Div. N. Y. board. 10,000. wonderul

sight 1/3 sick & wounded. Went to Navy Hut.